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Anattasati Magga
& Nancy Spence

Nancy Spence is founder and Teacher for Anattasati Magga.

She leads monthly Buddhist Services, offers individual spiritual guidance, and leads three-day and week-long silent meditation retreats.

Nancy trained as a Buddhist Priest at Vichara Bodhiyana Monastery and as a Lay Minister at Shasta Abbey, both in California. She completed a Master of Science in Psychology in 2001, has a private counseling practice, and facilitates personal growth groups through InnerVision.

Nancy is known for providing a safe and supportive framework for the pursuit of personal and spiritual awareness. Small groups meet once a month.

Our Mountain Sanghas

Anattasati Magga Inc. is a Soto Zen Buddhist Sangha for the Laity in Asheville, North Carolina and Sonora, California.

Our Sangha house in Asheville is located on a quiet street surrounded by trees.

Our Sangha exists to develop the practice of Zen Buddhism. We follow the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha as developed and practiced in the Soto tradition, including The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path, and Preceptual Living.

Nancy founded Anattasati Magga in response to the needs of those lay people seeking no limits to the depth of their practice.

Anattasati Magga .
phone: (828) 367-7718

in Asheville, NC and Sonora, CA